New release: Neuro BBB’z

Welcoming Neuro BBB’z to the Inzpire Gen family Supports the nervous system and fights fatigue.• Factor in maintenance of good health• Normal function of nervous system• Normal energy yielding metabolism• Contributes to tissue formulation• Multivitamin supplement• Metabolise carbohydrates and fats and proteins• Normal red blood cell formation• Contributes to normal functioning of nervous system Shop Neuro BBB’z Now

Introducing Inzpire Gen Immune CDZ Kidz

Say hello to our new Kidz on the block After great success of our Immune CDZ offering we have developed two new child friendly immune boosting Immune CDZ Chews Inzpire Gen Immune CDZ KIDZ chews is a multi substance health substance that has been specifically formulated to give the essential benefits of two immune boosting vitamins and a mineral to promote antioxidants , immunity and good health in children.It contains 500mg Vitamin C , 500 I.U. Vitamin D, & 6mg Zinc per is specifically formulated to support and protect the body’s immune system. A strong immune system helps the…